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The One Major Misconception About Pilates


Pilates Is Only For The Ladies… NOT The Men.


You may ­have heard …

“Pilates is a Women’s-Only exercise discipline.”


“Only dancers practice pilates.”

Or even,

“Men go to the gym & lift weights, for a productive & beneficial workout.”


Well, Allow US To Set The Record Straight…

That couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, I’d like to challenge any man that’s skeptical about whether or not practicing Pilates on a Reformer can give him a quality workout.

Schedule an appointment for a Private Pilates Session or sign up for a Pilates Class. Afterwards, lets see if you change your perspective.

Who’s Up For The Challenge???

Before we get into how Pilates is essential to better course play, lets talk about what Pilates is all about first.

By definition,  Pilates is a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture. It is also helpful with enhancing mental awareness. Originating from & named after the German physical fitness specialist, Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. His method combines flowing poses, precise body movements & rhythmic breathing to provide a number of health benefits. JP’s  ideology, in Layman‘s terms was, bringing the body, the mind, and the spirit into balance.

So, you may be wondering, “What in the world is a Reformer & how is it used?”

The platform, aka: the carriage, slides back & forth using cables & springs. Adjusting the springs can increase or decrease the resistance; thus, making it more or less challenging to control.

Now, after sharing some basic knowledge

about Pilates, let’s get into how it can help

your Golf Game!

 When we consider the amount of “mileage” one’s body accumulates on the green, with each bend of the knee or turn of a drive, the overuse of particular muscles is practically inevitable. Even though, some  may be under the impression that the body of a golfer doesn’t take a physical beating like other athletes that participate in “contact” sports (i.e. basketball or football); that’s just NOT true. It’s actually quite astonishing to learn just how much strain the physique of a golfer truly endures.  Think about it… When golfing, one is constantly leaning over to pick up a ball, squatting down to measure a put and twisting the body with every swing of the club. Eventually, this will cause an imbalance.  In most cases, muscle and balances found in golfers affect the legs, hips, arms, shoulders, and the lower back. After the age of 50, one’s stamina may not measure up to be what it was 20 or 30 years ago.

 The way in which Pilates assists the golf swing begins with posture.

Extraordinary attention is given to the position of the spine; this stimulates the reduction of lower back tension for competing players. As a result, the swing becomes more precise since enhanced posture eases other portions of the body such as the shoulder and wrist. Developed mechanics, over time, make for a greater probability that a swing can become more powerful & accurate.

After all, it is public knowledge… Tiger Woods & Annika Sorenstam are two notable athletes in the golfing world that have publicly spoken about reaping the benefits of Pilates, in their successful careers, of playing the game. Butch Harmon, a well respected, premier trainer in the sport was quoted saying that the program he started with Sarah Christensen, honed in on targeting biomechanics of the golf swing, which allowed him to hit the ball 20 to 25 yards farther.

Because Pilates works on stability, strength, & mobility, golfers find having strong glutes increase distance with their swing.  Additionally, in working the deepest ab & back muscles, golfers are more likely to be stronger. Strength in the core proves  beneficial for injury prevention as well.

 Why wouldn’t you want to hit the ball

farther, straighter & more accurately with

less chance of injury?