What is Pilates?

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. He called his method “Contrology” and presented it as the art of controlled movements. If practiced consistently, on apparatus or mats. improvement will occur in: flexibility, strength, control, endurance, performance, and core development. The Pilates Method places emphasis on: alignment, breath, core strength, coordination, balance, whole body movement, centering, and control. Pilates is great for elongation, toning, digestion, circulation, mental and physical rejuvenation.

Pilates is known for core strength, which is often called the “powerhouse,” it includes the muscles of the abdomen, back, hips, and buttocks and is the key to stability. The “powerhouse” ignites every movement, the exercises are sequential, require balance, and control. The practice is a mind-body workout, focusing on breathe, alignment and concentration of flowing movement.

“Above all learn how to breathe correctly.” –JP


Joseph Pilates developed“Contrology”based on his philosophy, of the minds control of the body. (mind being in control of the body.)

The practice is rarely called “Contrology” in the 21stcentury; the practice is called Pilates, termed after JP himself.

“Contrology beings with mind control over muscles.”  -JP


Pilates is based on a philosophical foundation, taking decades for the development of the practice, JP continued to create new pieces of apparatuses throughout his life. He believed that our modern lifestyle, posture, and inefficient breathing, were the roots of poor health. Pilates was inspired by the classical Greek ideal of a man is balanced equally in body, mind, and spirit.


“Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness” –JP


JP incorporated his practice during WW1; he insisted that everyone in his cellblock participated in his daily exercises routine. The injured soldiers that could not get out of bed were using bedsprings connected to the head and footboard to exercise; these were the forerunners of the apparatuses used today. During the great flu epidemic of 1918, not a single solider died under his care. After the WW1 JP emigrated to the United States, meeting his wife and lifelong teaching partner Clara, on the boat to New York City. Together they opened the first Contrology Studio on Eight Avenue at 56thStreet in Manhattan, New York. He went on to write two books; Pilates: Return to Life through Contrology and Your Health. He continued to teach his method over the years with many beloved followers. Joseph Pilates died on October 9, 1967 in New York City at the age of 84. His students, now Masters, went on to open their own studio. Today Pilates is practice and loved worldwide.


Over the last year, Your Pilates and Stretch Studio has undergone some major changes. Firstly, we relocated to our current space on E. Hospital St. back in November 2017. That move allowed for some really fabulous changes. This exquisite building, a true Historic Landmark of Nacogdoches, has such sophistication. Without tarnishing or disrespecting the once, Continental Trailways Bus Station’s exterior, we were able to make just a couple cosmetic changes, during our reconstruction, in late March 2018. Those changes were limited only to that which was made within the interior walls of the building.  In doing so, this has allowed Elena’s hopes and dreams to come to fruition. She is now able to service more clients efficiently due to the expansion of our studio & the purchase of more Pilates equipment & apparatuses.

There are now 7 Reformers & 7 Wunda Chairs in the building now.  Don’t worry, The Cadillac, Spring Board, Ladder Barrel, Ped-O-Pull, Spine Corrector, Foot Corrector, and many other Pilates accessories are still among our original inventory. Being the first studio to offer Stretch Therapy and Pilates with apparatuses in Nacogdoches, really sets Stretch ER ahead of the rest. We take great pride in knowing we are able to meet our Hometown community’s needs.




Benefits of Pilates

Improves flexibility
Increases muscle strength and tone
Improves breathing
Improves posture
Teaches control physically and mentally
Promotes body awareness
Reinforces strong, mobile joints
Conditions the whole body
Improves aerobic capacity
Improves balance


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 Class Description


One of two beginner Pilates classes. Designed to instill proper body mechanics for your “issue”. ANYONE AND EVERYONE can practice Pilates, this class will protect yourself in and outside of Pilates.



New to Pilates? One of our other beginner classes. Slower paced to focus on the PILATES FUNDAMENTAL, reiterates common Pilates vocabulary, and gives an environment to learn how to hold your body throughout life.  



COME ONE, COME ALL! Barre None brings you Ballet inspired moves with Pilates fundamentals using elements of dance, stretching, and FUN.  Incorporating barre, Pilates apparatuses, small weights, and an assortment of balls. COME, let’s whittle the core and elongating the body. You will LOVE IT! 



Guys-Dudes-Boys-Men-Gentlemen, this class is for you, ONLY you. Pilates is NOT just a stretch class! Pilates uses weights, Pilates will help with gaining muscle mass, men DO Pilates, it’s a challenge like never before, and Pilates WILL improve your sport and accelerate your lifestyle! So men, its time, schedule a class TODAY!



This class is ideal for the Pilates “Junkie” who’s Jones-ing for more! This high paced class utilizes various pieces of Pilates apparatuses. Expect to be brought out of your comfort zone & into new Pilates territory!



LADIES & BABIES or ladies making the babies…this is for you, this is what you need, TRUST US! Pilates during and after pregnancy is the best thing you could be doing for yourself. Stretch ER’s gentle Pilates approach will teach you how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in a safe way, gearing you up for the weight of building babies and the stresses of labor. 



Pilates in its truest form, focusing on mind, body, and spirit. Classical Pilates classes are done in sequential order experiencing full range of motion while strengthening the core. Every movement and breathe is dynamic and controlled. Your body is waiting for you to schedule this class TODAY!       



This class is packed full of beginner to advanced moves to release years of connective tissue. Stretch ER is the place to be and welcomes you to come relax and unwind. Let us talk you through the magical Pilates stretch journey.



A fun, approach to practice Pilates. Geared at a moderate pace, using all Pilates apparatuses. Designed to be ever changing, challenging, and rad! Using Joseph Pilates traditional exercises with a fun twist of 21st century ideas on fitness.


1 Pilates Class $30

5 Class Pass $145

10 Class Pass $275


Pilates Class Monthly Memberships (12 month contract)

4 Times a Charm  $100 ($1200 year)

8 Times a Charm  $200 ($2400 year)

Unlimited Charm  $400 ($4800 year) 


Pilates Class One Year Unlimited, One time price  $4000

*Prices Are Subject To Change*

Contract Rules

  • Must use classes in the month with no roll over classes from previous month
  • 1 Pilates class a day, extra classes that day cost $15
  • No shows will incur a $20 no show fee in addition to losing the class credit. No exceptions.
  • Late Cancels will incur a $15 late cancel fee in addition to losing the class credit. No exceptions. 12-hour notice to avoid a late cancel fee of $15.
  • We are not responsible for any bank overdraft fees that may occur from late fees.
  • All classes must be used by individual whom contract is with, can’t give classes to another person.
  • Each monthly payment is non-refundable.
  • Valid MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover must be on file for all active accounts.
  • Clients are expected to keep their credit card on file up-to-date to avoid any disruption in membership privileges. This can be done in-studio.
  • You will be charged an insufficient funds fee of $25 in addition to your Monthly dues.
  • Account can be frozen for 2 months annually at no charge to allow for vacations/travel. Please send us an email at info@Stretch-ER.com at least 30 days in advance to freeze your account. Commitment will extent the same amount of time your account is frozen.
  • Stretch ER reserves the right to terminate or deny membership for an indeterminate amount of time.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • All contract members recieve 10% off all Clothing Merchandise



Pilates Sessions  

(Private, Duet & Triple)



Private sessions are great for individuals beginning their Pilates journey. Learn Pilates terms that will be applied in group classes. Become familiarized & learn how to use the equipment. For seasoned individuals, seeking an advanced workout, a Private Pilates Session is the perfect way to challenge yourself.


Interested in practicing Pilates but, you don’t want to come alone or be thrown into a class, as a beginner? Bring a friend or family member with you for a Duet Session! Get individualized attention from your instructor.


This session focuses on Pilates fundamentals in an intimate setting of only three people. Receive more individualized attention from your CPT, Elena.



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Private Session $120

Duet Session $160

Triple Session $180

Prices Are Subject To Change




Cancellation Policy

24 HR

Notice Required

If an individual is unable to cancel before the 24 HR period
He or She will be responsible for the costs associated with the service.
 If you should have trouble cancelling a service or if you have any questions, contact Stretch ER Studio.

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