Pilates Apparatus

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This Is The Equipment That You Will Be Introduced To


Stretch ER

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Just like anything else, Pilates terms have changed over time. If we go back in time to find the origins of this labeling methodology, we would find that JP (the inventor of Pilates) called Pilates equipment simply “the apparatus.” The term “equipment” is also suitable. However, Pilates exercisers and instructors, like Joseph Pilates, use the more elegant term, “apparatus” instead of “machine” as well.

Pilates elder, Romana Kryznanowska, (who trained many of the Pilates luminaries) used to say,

“Machines have engines. This isn’t a machine, it’s an apparatus.”

Studio Equipment


  • Ring Of Fire or Magic Circles
  • Resistance Bands
  • Weights
  • Mats
  • Small Balls
  • Calf Stretchers
  • Jump Boards


  • Reformers
  • Wunda Chairs
  • High Barrels
  • Cadillac
  • Spine Corrector
  • Spring Boards
  • Arm Chair
  • Ped-O-Pull

This is the type of equipment you would expect to find at a fully operational Pilates studio. You may find just Reformers at boutique group class studios, but a complete Pilates studio, like Stretch ER, delivers one-on-one training as well as group classes, the entire suite of Pilates devices are “must haves.”


What Is A Reformer?

The Reformer is referred to as, traditional Pilates equipment, and it is definitely a beloved standard in Pilates studios! The resistance similar to weight training challenges your body to tone and strengthen your muscles. Resistance training has long lasting benefits. The Reformer is fabulous for back pain because it is such an effective way to strengthen your core muscles and increase flexibility, which reduces pressure on your spine. Core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercise. … A stable torso helps relieve and prevent stress on your back.

How Is It Used?

A wide variety of exercises are done on the Reformer to promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance. Most Reformer exercises have to do with pushing or pulling the carriage or holding the carriage steady during an exercise as it is pulled on by the springs.

Wunda Chair

The Pilates Chair, or Wunda Chair, is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment that is gaining ground in mainstream fitness. Joseph Pilates developed this apparatus as a home piece. You could set it up in your living room as a chair to sit in and work out on it if you felt the urge. He was so ahead of his time!

Ladder Barrel


What Is A Ladder Barrel/High Barrel?

It is a wooden structure which has a curved padded, leather/PVC covered coating. The back section of the barrel has three horizontal poles connecting the upper structure, and at the top, a longer bar extends past the structure itself. The main wooden structure on top of the curved wood is fixed in place. The ladder barrel is in the family of barrels, and a small barrel and spine corrector are additional accessories in this family of equipment.

How Is It Used?

The Ladder Barrel is one of the best ways to strengthen the back muscles. Through back extension exercises, one can experiment with a range of flexion and extension exercises for his or her back. This unique piece of equipment is a good overall strengthener and has many uses; it is more likely to be found in a studio than in, say…a gym.


What Is The Cadillac?

The Cadillac, aka: trap (trapeze) table, is often the “jaw dropper when someone new walks into our studio. Because it requires a lot of client-specific instruction, the cadillac is most commonly used in private sessions at Stretch ER. The trap table is the ultimate in adding a gravity challenge to your workout. This piece allows for a more controlled environment when rehabbing and is versatile to being able to defy gravity with some exercises.